About Livhuwani

I'm a food photographer based in Milton Keynes, a small city just outside London.

I've always been fascinated by food; how simple ingredients can turn into delicious meals. There’s also something magical about the way it brings people together. But, for me it's not only just about the food, but the creativity it sparks in me.

How it all started

It was an accident, that's how my food photography journey started. 

I never imagined myself behind the camera, let alone taking pictures of food. But here I am, a former forensic science major, turned food photographer.

The journey started when I finished my master’s degree. I had some spare time on my hands. So, I decided to re-kindle my passion for cooking; mixing all sorts of ingredients to create delicious recipes.

Only this time, I wanted to create wholesome, tasty and slightly healthier meals to share with friends and family. 

My Food Photography Journey...

So, one day I decided to also share my recipes on social media. But soon after, I realised that in order to entice people, the presentation of my dishes was just as important as the taste.

So, I decided to invest in a professional digital camera and started taking pictures of my culinary creations.

To my surprise, I found myself enjoying the process of shooting food. My attention to detail and sharp observational skills, honed through years of studying forensic science gave me an edge in food photography.

After all, a visually stunning photo surely lies in the details.

My food photography journey has also led me to explore the world of marketing; In the last four years, I've also created marketing strategies and run social media ad campaigns for restaurants and e-commerce brands. 

My background in marketing paired with my culinary passion provides me with a unique perspective to help food brands create content that connects you to your audience.


I'm available for work in Milton Keynes, London & Remote.


Amy's Kitchen | Glorious Soup | Tea Pigs | Quorn | Dapaah Chocolates | Baxters Food Group | Mr Plantain Crisp | Chardolini | Graze Snacks |

fun facts

I'm usually craving...

A stack of freshly made pancakes served with summer berries and kiwis, yum!

Drink of choice

When I'm out, I will most likely order a pina colada. That's my kind of a drink!

Favourite to shoot

Anything with chocolate which is an excuse for me to indulge after a shoot.


1 / 2

“Our sales have soured"

To say that Livhuwani has transformed our brand engagement and perception would be a disservice to her work. Since collaborating with her to create content and stock imagery for our campaigns and classic chocolate collections, our sales have soured, and our brand’s premium perception has been enhanced. She is both an artist in her eye for detail, styling and conceptualisation, as well as a great professional. We look forward to working with her for all our future campaigns & offerings